Project Accountant working for the WHO Health Cooperation Project, biennium 2014-2015

12/08/2014 | 02:17 AM


Position and title of post: Project Accountant Organization: The WHO PMU Duty station: Hanoi Duration: 6 working months (Sep - 2014 – Feb 2015) with possibility of extension Remuneration: 959 USD monthly, payable in VND

In recent years, the work of healthcare and protection for Vietnamese people has notes important achievements. The health system is increasingly consolidated and developed, many dangerous diseases are controlled and pushed back; healthcare services are increasingly diverse, many new technologies have been researched and applied; quality of healthcare service is improved. People in most regions have received quality healthcare services, the most of general indicators in health sector are higher than those of countries with the same level of per capita income.

Along with state budget, ODA and NGO funds, supports from WHO have played an important role to Vietnam's health sector. The WHO's supports focus on improving the quality of healthcare services, capacity building of health workers in professional and management skills at all levels, disease and epidemic control and prevention, developing and finalizing the mechanism system...

The WHO is an UN agency specialized in the heath sector that provides technical support and assistance with regards to all aspects of the health sector.  WHO has great support for Vietnam's health in many years, particularly for technical support to the urgent problems and issues of the health sector.

The Ministry of Health is delighted that the WHO continue to support Vietnam's health sector next biennium 2014-2015. Total indicative figure for WHO-MOH DPO 2014-15 is 19,973,000 USD (including regular budget and Out of fund budget). In the DPO, there are about more 50 different implementing agencies, some of which belong to Ministry of Health's management and some outside such as (Vietnam Social Insurance, MARD, National Traffic Safety Committee, Ministry of Education and Training ...). It is a very challenge task for the Department of Planning and Finance as the PMU of WHO Health cooperated Project to coordinate and manage project.

In order to strengthen the work of project management and ensuring the effectiveness, outcomes of the WHO project as well as tracking contracts, payment advice, fund transfer, guiding IPs on financial regulations... it’s necessary to recruit a project experienced accountant working in the PMU's Office.


The specific roles of the Project Accountant are as follows:


Roles of the Project Accountant:

-       Support to the Implementing partners within the Ministry of Health (MOH) as well as  IPs beyond the MoH's management to well understand the Government's financial regulations, and monitor the implementation of the programmes and activities under the PB 2014-2015.


Duties and responsibilities:

·         Maintain the general ledger, accounting books and records to help classification and filing of financial transactions as well as to ensure common results of the project accounting works and development of the project regular reports and reports as per request.

·         Maintain the project cash book including monitoring of the project expenditure and balance of the general ledger.

·         Regular update of all project financial data in order to provide financial reports, regulations, exchange rates, expenditure and disbursement to the development of project budget planning and monitoring of budget expenditure. 

·         Process payment for the project activities when approved by authorities.

·         Closely monitor project budget in order to ensure the payment is implemented in line with the allocated budget.

·         Close collaborate with the PM to prepare and submit the project financial reports, project annual non-consumable equipment asset, annual budget reports, and annual expenditure reports in accordance with regulations on financial management of both the GoV and WHO.

·         Participate in regular asset of the project equipment and report all collected information. Ensure internal control for all project activity related financial transactions.

·         Participate in field visits and prepare reports on project budget as required.

·         Assist the project audit; ensure the audit findings of project financial management are properly fixed. 

·         Organize and maintain the project financial filing system so as the PMU and concerned bodies could have access easily.

·         Other tasks as required.


Qualifications and experience:

·         At least an undergraduate degree in accounting at a good level, preferable Master in accounting.

·         At least 5 years of experience in accounting, preferable in ODA projects.

·         Ability to work independently and creatively, and have good communication

·         Ability to prepare reports, analyses and consolidate information.

·         Proficiency in accounting softwares, Internet and other office softwares

·         Basic level of verbal and written English

·         Experience in working for UN-supported projects and/or international organizations in Viet Nam is preferable


Working arrangements:


The Project Accountant will be working under the leadership of the Project Director and will support other activities as required.



Remuneration will be calculated based on the EU-UN Cost Norms 2013, and will be dependent on qualifications and experience.

Payments will be made under the procedures of the WHO and will be discussed based on deliverables.



-       Quarterly Report

-       Project cash book

-       Accounting books and records

All project financial data

-       The specific deliverables and payments should be







Signed contract

       1 Sep 2014



Progress report

30 Sep 2014

959 USD


Progress report


30 Nov  2014

1918 USD


Progress report

15 Jan 2015

1918 USD


Final Report

28 Feb 2015

959 USD


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