Sharing the experiences of hospital quality improvement at the 4th National Hospital Quality Forum

18/12/2018 | 07:45 AM


The Ministry of Health has issued many legal documents in the field of hospital quality management such as: Circular on Quality control of hospital testing;


The Decision on improvement of the process of medical examination and treatment in clinics, The set of 83 criteria to assess hospital quality which was published from the First National Forum on Hospital Quality in 2013. Ministry of Health period expects that the hospital quality assessment according to the criteria will gradually improve the quality of medical services, contributing to the quality improvement of medical examination and treatment. The actual results have shown that these are the right policies, the quality of the entire medical examination and treatment system has been gradually raised, towards the people’s satisfaction.

At the Forum, more than 800 delegates have discussed on the topic: Quality improvement: opportunities and challenges in the context of hospital autonomy and innovation of financial mechanisms; Experience in applying the set of criteria to improve hospital quality.


Chairs table

Many important reports have also been presented such as Sharing experiences on improving hospital quality according to the criteria set by hospitals at all levels; Experience in improving the process of examination and application of information technology in medical examination; Experience in improving the quality of toilets; Experience in strengthening hospital security; Experience in reporting medical errors; Experience in developing clinical nutrition; Status of application of quality standards in the world.

Especially, within the framework of the Forum, there will be an exhibition to display the posters to improve the quality of medical examination and treatment, aiming at the satisfaction of patients of hospitals nationwide. This exhibition is a clear example demonstrating the guidelines and policies to renovate medical examination and treatment activities of the Government, the Administration of Medical Examination and Treatment - Ministry of Health in the past 5 years.

The posters on improving the quality of medical examination and treatment, towards the satisfaction of patients being displayed

The hospital quality forum has become a regular activity and attracted the participation of thousands of individuals and organizations in the health sector