Healthcare in Belarus

18/12/2018 | 07:28 AM


The healthcare sector in Belarus is developing in a number of aspects: medical and preventive care, maternal and child health protection, health resort treatment, sanitary-epidemiological service, medical expertise, science and education. Private medical services are developing actively: there are over two hundred private-owned facilities in Belarus, more than half of them are located in Minsk. Private medical centers provide a wide range of services, including paid day patient departments.

Taking into account the fact that the market of such services grows annually by 15-20% in Belarus, and also the fact that according to polls 20% of the residents of the capital are now ready to pay for their treatment, the increase of the share of paid services in healthcare of Belarus will continue. Moreover, the industry experts talk about the need to develop the export of medical services and the so-called medical tourism. Patients from Poland, Germany, Israel and other neighboring countries and beyond are already travelling to Belarus for treatment. Such medical services as transplantation, cardiac surgery, oncology, including children’s oncology, and others are in demand among foreigners.

A separate aspect of healthcare of Belarus is the development and production of medical devices. In this area, the leading enterprises are RUE “Belmedtehnika”, “Assomedika”, “Vityaz”, “Interkard” and others.

Among the achievements of the Belarusian health care system are liver transplantation, heart transplantation, preparation for pancreas transplantation, transplantation of the heart-lung complex. Stereotactic brain surgeries, endovascular surgeries on the brain vessels are performed. Ultrasound with the construction of three-dimensional images for the diagnostics of fetal malformations in the II and III trimesters of pregnancy has been mastered in the Centre “Mother and Child”. Diagnostic coronary angiography, surgeries on implantation of cardiac pacemakers are commonly performed in all regional centers.

Projects and investments

It is expected to create a structure which will produce stem cells and treat various diseases with their help in Minsk. The scientific base of the project will be located at the Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering, and the patients will be hospitalized in the Minsk City Clinical Hospital No. 9. The Ministry of Healthcare has already supported the project. The project involves the venture company “Center of Innovation Technologies of the Eurasian Economic Community”.​