14 young doctors go to work at commune health stations

14/12/2018 | 09:05 AM


They are all good and excellent fresh-graduated doctors who volunteer to participate in the pilot project to send voluntary young doctors to disadvantaged areas, including border and island localities. The project focus on 62 poor districts.

At the ceremony held in Hanoi on December 18 to see off these young doctors, Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien said that the project is a breakthrough for the health sector in ensuring skilled and qualified personnel presence in disadvantaged localities, to meet the healthcare demands of local people.

From the effectiveness of this project, the Ministry of Health recruited and trained young doctors and then send them to work at commune health stations.


Ceremony to hand over the diploma to young doctors and send them to work in disadvantaged areas

According to the Minister of Health, over the past time, the increase of high quality human resources in the grassroots level has contributed to reducing unnecessary referral for patients, overload in central hospitals and wastefulness.

The project also give young doctors opportunities to practice and have experience.

The 62 poor districts are currently in need of nearly 600 doctors in 15 areas of specialty. Of which, 7 areas of specialty are in need the most of doctors include internal medicine (53 doctors), surgery (49 doctors), obstetrics (55 doctors), pediatrics (44 doctors). Other areas of specialty such as emergency, infectiology, radiology are in need of 30-50 doctors. The total number of missing doctors in these 7 areas of specialty is 316.

Launched in February 2013 by the Ministry of Health, this pilot project aims to send more than 300 young doctors to work in disadvantaged districts by 2020. This project has provided 14 training courses for 300 doctors in 11 areas of specialty.


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