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Curtin University (Australia) hopes to extend collaboration with Viet Nam in the Health care sector

15/12/2017 00:52

In the 1st meeting of Viet Nam – Australia Joint Commission for bilateral cooperation, the two sides had a wide-ranging discussion, and both parties indicated their commitment to exploring opportunities to conduct joint research.

Curtin introduced preliminary outline of potential areas for future collaboration in health and in science.  It was agreed that there are a number of areas of mutual interest, and that collaborative research could be conducted on a co-investment model. Both parties indicated a willingness to discuss research potential in more detail.

The areas of focus would be in part determined by the outcome of the deliberations of the Australia-Vietnam Joint Committee on Science and Technology, and the identification of priorities.

A summary of the areas identified for further discussion follows:

Health Sciences:

1. Professor Chris Reid introduced the research, which includes chronic diseases of ageing, in particular cardio vascular disease (CVD). Prof Reid has some existing research collaborations in Vietnam, and is aware that quality and safety and the benchmarking of CV procedures is a priority for Vietnam. Prof Reid identified potential areas of future research in Vietnam as including CVD prevention – hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, plus quality of care.

The Vietnamese side indicated that these areas are a priority in Vietnam’s forthcoming Five Year Plan, and expressed interest in discussing further collaboration with Prof Reid.

2. Professor Lin Fritschi outlined the research work on indoor and outdoor air quality and their relationship to public health, and also on asbestos and assessments of hazards (e.g. cancer-causing chemicals) in the workplace.

The Vietnamese side indicated that there are several strong research questions in this area and expressed interest in developing joint research projects.

3. Professor James Semmens introduced the research team’s work on data linkage, noting that the Curtin Centre for Population Health Research is a national leader in data linkage, building data linkage infrastructure across Australia and developing the use of ‘big data’ in the health sector in order to build complete pictures of individuals’ health.

The Vietnamese side indicated that this is an area of importance to Vietnam, particularly as it relates to the delivery of health services to Vietnam’s many remote communities.

Science and Engineering

1. There was substantial discussion regarding potential collaboration in the field of marine and coastal environments and the interaction between structures and the environment.  It was agreed that Curtin would forward information on capability within our Marine and Coastal research network (attached).  Clear areas of synergy included aquaculture, underwater sensors and acoustics, water quality, subsea and offshore oil and gas developments, oceanography.

2. Agriculture and food security were identified as priority areas.  Curtin’s capability in crop disease management appears to be relevant, along with biosecurity, and biodiversity.

3. Strong collaborative links with Vietnam already exist in the area of Mechatronics in the Marine environment through Professor KhacDuc Do, particularly in control and actuation of marine vehicles. There appears to be strong potential to explore broader collaboration with the School of Civi and Mechanical Engineering.

Building Curtin’s research engagement with Vietnam

Given the level and breadth of synergy identified in the meeting, enthusiasm was expressed to build research collaboration between Curtin University and Vietnam.  Particular actions identified were:

·         Development of a MOU between Curtin University and MOST to create a framework to foster collaborative research.

·         Run workshops in priority areas to facilitate direct engagement between Curtin and Vietnam based researchers to identify particular research projects and fields of mutual benefit.

·         Implement a funding scheme to foster research in the identified areas, including potential co-investment in PhD projects and scholarships. 

·         A collaborative PhD program between Curtin and targeted high quality Vietnam research institutions should be explored.


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