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Cooperatiion with United States non-governmental organizations at Cho Ray Hospital

15/12/2017 06:27

Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Cho Ray Hospital is one of the biggest and leading general hospital of Viet Nam, under the management of the Ministry of Health. Cho Ray Hospital is responsible for providing health care services in the entire South of Viet Nam. Since 2010, the hospital has had more than 66 clinical and paraclinical departments, and many other specialties.

Over the time, Cho Ray Hospital has developed cooperation with many international nongovernmental organizations - INGOs, of which, the contribution and cooperation from US INGOs is highly valued.

Hearts Around the World Foundation (HAWF) has been working with the hospital from 2006 to date. Annually, Dr. Robert Jarrett, head of the HAWF,  joins with cardiologists, neurosurgery, anesthesia and resuscitation experts in their  07 - 10 days visit at Cho Ray Hospital to discuss and share their expertise in vascular and cardiology.

With introduction and support from the Hearts Around the World Foundation, in 2013, the Hospital signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the training and exchange of expertise on cardiac and thoracic surgery with the Western Connecticut Health Network under the leadership of Prof. Majid Sadigh.  With this cooperation, every year Cho Ray Hospital is been able to send 3 - 6 doctors to the State Hospital of Connecticut for average 3 month training courses in various subjects: cardiovascular interventions, internal heart cardiology, heart surgery, tropical diseases, intensive care, neurological resuscitation.... In addition, by October 31st, 2017, Cho Ray Hospital had received 43 foreign students sent by Global Health and 12 doctors from Cho Ray Hospital participated in training at Danbury Hospital of Connecticut.

The US Surgical Volunteers Internatinal headed by Prof. Thomas W. Flood is a INGOs specialized in burn care and treatment. Every year, the organization sends a team of 10 doctors and nurses to Cho Ray hospital to exchange experience and provide free of charge operation for patients with burns and helps with burn plastic surgery. With their operations, each poor patients receive supports equivalent about 30 million VND.

Beginning cooperation activities since 2016, the Heal Foundation of the State of Oklahoma led by Dr. Lam Thuy Le supports the establishment of The Wound Care Unit in Cho Ray Hospital. They also conduct training courses, sharing professional experience in the field of wound care due to burns and foot symptoms caused by diabetes mellitus.



Project to initiate a formal three year cardiac surgery residency program for Vietnam was accomplished during a six month program at Cho Ray Hospital in HCM City Source: International Children's Heart Fund


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