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National Action Month on Population 2017 launched

10/12/2017 10:06

The 2017 National Action Month on Population and the Vietnam Population Day (December 26) were launched by the Ministry of Health (MOH), in collaboration with the Hanoi People's Committee, on December 9, with the target of screening for early diagnosis of prenatal and neonatal diseases to improving the quality of the population.

The National Action Month on Population and the Vietnam Population Day 2017 were officially launched in Hanoi on December 9.

This year, the month focuses on transmitting messages on; performing screening and the early diagnosis of prenatal illness to help to produce healthy babies; investing in population work is investment for sustainable development; screening for early diagnosis of neonatal diseases to detect and promptly treat hereditary diseases; and counseling and pre-marriage health examinations to build a happy and sustainable family.

Speaking at the launch, Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Viet Tien said that estimated birth defects in Vietnam account for 1.5-2% of births annually (approximately 22,000-30,000 children).

In order to reduce the number of children affected by congenital diseases and reduce the burden on families and society, the MOH’s General Department of Population and Family Planning has implemented a screening and diagnosing programme for prenatal and neonatal diseases, which has been implemented in all provinces and cities. Currently, about 25% of pregnant women and 35% of children born are screened and provided with early treatment for several diseases.

Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh highly praised the efforts and achievements in the population work by the health sector over the past few years, while calling for an active response from all levels, sectors and the whole society to diagnose prenatal and neonatal diseases as early as possible.

Every official, Party member and individual should be an active communicator for the children's future and for the future development of the nation, she said, urging the concerned authorities to accelerate the implementation of the Party Resolution No. 21/NQ-TW on the "Population work in the new period" in line with local requirements.

The resolution was passed by the 12th Party Central Committee on October 25, 2017, setting targets for the screening and early diagnosis of prenatal and newborn diseases by 2030, with 70% of pregnant women screened for at least the four most common congenital diseases and 90% of infants screened for at least five of the most common congenital diseases.

Deputy Minister Tien also added that, in the near future, his ministry will focus on implementing awareness raising solutions on the importance of population work for the country's sustainable development, while further promoting communication and education on behaviour changes, aimed at reducing the imbalanced sex ratio at birth, strengthening the care for the elderly and increasing the percentage of users using screening services, early diagnosis of prenatal and neonatal diseases, and modern contraception.

At the event, reproductive health products were introduced to the public. At present, these products are available in rural, remote and disadvantaged areas, helping people to access quality healthcare services.

Currently, for the screening of prenatal and neonatal diseases, pregnant women or those having babies can visit six medical centres, namely Hanoi-based National Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology and Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics; Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy; Ho Chi Minh City-based Tu Du Hospital; Can Tho Screening Centre; and Nghe An Screening Centre. At district level, pregnant women can go to the Centres for Population and Family Planning for counseling and screening for early detection of abnormalities or fetal malformations.


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