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EU supports improving herbal value chain in Vietnam

10/12/2017 11:14

A project on improving the governance in the herbal value chain was launched in the mountainous northern province of Yen Bai on December 8, with the target of promoting the contribution of social organisations to the improved management capacity in the value chain of medicinal plants in Vietnam.

The launch of the project in Yen Bai on December 8.


The project is being carried out by the Yen Bai Centre for Science Technology Development and Community Healthcare (YENBAI CDSH) under the sponsor by the European Union (EU) delegation in Vietnam.

Reports released at the project launch showed that Yen Bai has huge potential for medicinal plants with more than 630 species in 99 communes across the province, of which nearly 1,000 traditional recipes are in circulation to treat 40 groups of diseases. However, many precious medicines are in danger of being ruined, while several medicinal plants are at risk of extinction due to overexploitation.

In order to preserve and develop the remedies, the project is being implemented in the four communes of Dong Cuong and Mau Dong (Van Yen district), and Cam An and Bao Ai (Yen Binh district), over the course of 45 months with a total cost of nearly VND14 billion, of which the EU is providing nearly VND12.3 billion and the rest is from reciprocal capital. The project will directly support 300 families to plant medicinal plants in the four participating communes.

The project staff surveys a local herb garden in Yen Bai.

During the project, field surveys will be conducted to create databases on the areas of medicinal plants and traditional medicine remedies, while offering training and technical assistance for potential chain actors, in addition to providing technical support for planting, harvesting, processing and supplying medicinal plant varieties to households participating in the project.

A range of seminars will also be held to promote the advantages of areas for growing medicinal plants to local economic development, as well as sharing and developing policies, media information products and brand names for medicinal plants.

The project is expected to replicate the models of medicinal plant cultivation and traditional medicine use in the province, contributing to promoting the benefits of a herbal value chain in public healthcare and the livelihoods of local people.


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