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15/12/2017 19:54

In the year 2017, Viet Nam-US health cooperation activities in the field of cancer prevention and control gained new achievements.


 K Hospital and the Cancer Research Institute has collaborated with hospitals and the US Medical Universites to conduct a variety of collaborative activities and receive the attention and support of the authorities, health professionals, leading national and international experts.

1. Cancer prevention seminars and conferences:

  • A policy dialogue forum and HPV expert workshop and pamphlet (within the framework of APEC) co-organized with the National Cancer Institute in Ho Chi Minh City in August 2017.
  • International Cancer Control Conference: Situation and Solutions held on 2-3 / 11/2017 at K Hospital and Mariott Hanoi Hotel with the participation of experts from Vanderbilt University, University Icahn Medical College, National Cancer Institute
  • Scientific Conference on Proton and heavy particles radiation on December 18, 1977 at K Hospital with the participation of experts from the University of Florida, Harvard Medical School

2. Project Implementation Plan for building a center for in-depth study of cancer epidemiology and non-communicable disease funded by the National Cancer Institute. The implementation period is 2016 – 2017. The K hospital successfully defended the State-level scientific research project on molecular biology research in diagnosis, prognosis and monitoring of pancreatic carcinoma treatment outcomes, in collaboration with the Medical University Vanderbilt & University of South Florida, scheduled for 2016 - 2018.

4. The P20 Project in partnership with Vanderbilt University and the National Cancer Institute build a comprehensive regional center for cancer and non-communicable disease.

5. Cooperate with the American Society of Ophthalmologists, the American Society of Clinical Oncology in specialized training for doctors, nurses, and technicians.

6. Organize continuous training courses, training courses

-            Research Methods in Cancer and Non-Communicable Disease in January 2017 at K Hospital, with faculty members from Vanderbilt University

-            Training course on pathology and pathology in December 2017

-            Scientific activities on cancer internal medicine from November 2017 - 2/2018

-            Officers to participate in the cancer prevention training program at the National Cancer Institute in July 1977, send staff to study skills at Vanderbilt University United States​

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